Getting Organized Financially and Saving Money to Relocate

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Relocating to a new home or business location can be a massive undertaking, affecting many aspects of your life, not including the expense of moving. Along with that stress comes the difficulty of money management. Taking care of paying bills can be even more of a frustration as your move is in progress. It is vital to have your financial life in order so that you have a safe estimate as to what you can really afford when it comes to hiring movers, renting a truck, or getting a self-storage unit. But you shouldn’t fret yet! Follow our tips to get your money squared away for less hassle during your relocation. #1 Get All Relevant Documents Together Most people know...

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How to Leave College Dorm Life Behind and Rent an Apartment

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Ah, dormitory living. That interesting mix of having friends, classmates, and roommates around you all the time and balancing with the noise and low level of privacy that accompanies it. It’s fun for a short time, but after a semester or two, many college coeds look for something a bit more elegant and a lot more private, like an apartment or small house off-campus. Getting out of sight of a resident advisor, far from the generic school food, and into a residential space that’s bigger—if only slightly. When you are ready to make the transition from on campus life to your new living quarters away from the school grounds, remembers this helpful information. #1 Your Top Priority Should Be Location,...

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How to Pack and Move the Right Way

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8 Weeks 'Til Your Move Sort and Purge - Go through every room in your house or office building and decide what you would like to keep, donate, or throw out. On Site Estimate - Quotes over the phone can be useful, but not accurate. Have Pack and Move come to your home or business and give you a quote in writing for the entire moving operation. Start a Moving Binder - Use this binder to help organize and keep track of everything leading up to your move and even use it to refer to after completing you move to make sure everything arrived as planned. Organize School Records - If you are moving to a different town and/or school...

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